A Study Of Vernacular Architecture And Settlement Of Diasporic ‘Manipuri’ Community In Bangladesh

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Kawshik Saha, Shawkat Jahan Chowdhury

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Anthropology & Ethnography Keywords: Traditional settlement; Vernacular architecture; Manipuri Community; Sylhet

This study intends to study a distinct typology of vernacular architecture built by the Manipuri communities of Bangladesh. The Manipuris are one of the ethnic diasporic communities in Bangladesh commonly known for their diverse cultural practice, including their dance form. This research aims to reveal the cultural entity of Manipuri that has been transformed into their living environment and household architecture. Architectural elements adapted by the Manipuris are assessed here as a part of cultural symbols to have a rigorous view of the philosophy of living. This study is a documentation of Manipuri habitat culture through the intervention of their living environment, which will attract any future working on this issue. This research shows that despite a rapid socio-economic change of context, the Manipuri housing practice is deeply connected to their socio-cultural and religious values. As the authors used an observational and ethnographical approach to studying vernacular architecture for this research.


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