A Study on Sustainable Design for Indigo Dyeing Color in the Visual Aspect of Clothing

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Chih-Chun Lai, Ching-Erh Chang

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Anthropology & Ethnography Keywords: color; indigo dyeing; sustainable design; clothing

Various colors of clothing originating from synthetic dyes are presently causing serious environmental pollution problems, whereas natural dyes extracted from natural indigo plants help reduce the harm to the environment and extend the sustainable use of clothing. This study focuses on the relation between indigo dyeing colors and the environment on the basis of sustainable design. The results reveal that light colors are considered to conform to the sustainable spirit more than dark colors in different indigo colors. In fact, the recyclable light-colored indigo dyeing t-shirt is beneficial in its reuse. Indigo dyeing fabric can be decomposed by a variety of microorganisms; however, the light-colored indigo dyeing takes a short time. Light colored indigo dyeing is more resource-saving when considering dye, water and electricity costs. The results of colors and environmental protection provide scheme references to consumers or industry for clothing collocation of different indigo dyeing colors for a series of blue clothing and carry out the ideal of the sustainability and co-existence between clothing and natural resources.


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