Abell 2626 and friends: large and small scale structure

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J. Healy, S. P. Willner, M. A. W. Verheijen, S.-L. Blyth

New MMT/Hectospec spectroscopy centered on the galaxy cluster A2626 and covering a ∼1.8deg2 area out to z∼0.46 more than doubles the number of galaxy redshifts in this region. The spectra confirm four clusters previously identified photometrically. A2625, which was previously thought to be a close neighbor of A2626, is in fact much more distant. The new data show six substructures associated with A2626 and five more associated with A2637. There is also a highly collimated collection of galaxies and galaxy groups between A2626 and A2637 having at least three and probably four substructures. At larger scales, the A2626--A2637 complex is not connected to the Pegasus--Perseus filament.


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