An Ethnographic Approach to the Study of Folklore of Barumal Village in India

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Avinash Gupta, Sneha Roy

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Anthropology & Ethnography Keywords: folklore, ethnographic study, Indian tribes, myths, social anthropology, Gujarat

The focus of this ethnographic expedition is to study the folklore and traditions amongst the existing tribal populations of Barumal village in southern Gujarat, India. The fieldwork revolves around cultural and socio-economic aspects of their livelihood and this paper encompasses the knowledge from one such lens out of many. It tries to identify the importance of mythology and its roots. The data collected from three different population groups are Varlis, Kukanas, Dhodiya Patels that are set within the caste system-based hierarchy inhabiting the same region. The interview method was employed throughout with open-ended questions. The varied customs and traditions appearing in their lifestyle, occupation, and festivals are always associated with one god or another. The key informants felt the need to distinguish the history of their own tribe from the others by taking the help of myths passed down from their ancestors. Most of the key informants were mature adults including both males and females.

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