Adaptive mesh, GPU-accelerated, and error minimized special relativistic hydrodynamics code

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Po-Hsun Tseng, Hsi-Yu Schive, Tzihong Chiueh

We present a new special relativistic hydrodynamics (SRHD) code capable of handling coexisting ultra-relativistically hot and non-relativistically cold gases. We achieve this by designing a new algorithm for conversion between primitive and conserved variables in the SRHD solver, which incorporates a realistic ideal-gas equation of state covering both the relativistic and non-relativistic regimes. The code can handle problems involving a Lorentz factor as high as 106 and optimally avoid the catastrophic cancellation. In addition, we have integrated this new SRHD solver into the code GAMER to support adaptive mesh refinement and hybrid OpenMP/MPI/GPU parallelization. It achieves a peak performance of 7×107 cell updates per second on a single Tesla P100 GPU and scales well to 2048 GPUs. We apply this code to two interesting astrophysical applications: (a) an asymmetric explosion source on the relativistic blast wave and (b) the flow acceleration and limb-brightening of relativistic jets.

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