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  • (architecture) [1]
  1. raised panel below a window or wall monument or tablet.
  2. open portion of a marine terminal immediately adjacent to a vessel berth, used in the direct transfer of cargo between the vessel and the terminal.
  3. concrete slab immediately outside a vehicular door or passageway used to limit the wear on asphalt paving due to repetitive turning movements or heavy loads.
  1. A canvas-covered frame set at such an angle in a miner's rocker that the gravel and water in passing over it are carried to the head of the machine.
  2. An amalgamated copper plate placed below a stamp battery, over which pulp passes. The free gold contained in the pulp is amalgamated by mercury on the plate.
  3. A broad shallow vat used for evaporating. Webster 3rd
  4. A receptacle or endless belt for conveying material (such as rock) by means of a cableway and trolley. Syn: traveling apron Webster 3rd
  5. The front gate of a scraper body. Nichols, 1
  6. See: morainal apron

  1. Glossary of architecture
  2. Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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