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  • (architecture)
  1. A curved structure that supports the weight of the material above it.
  2. A curved structure capable of spanning a space while supporting significant weight.[1]
  3. A curved or pointed structural element that is supported at its sides.[2]
  1. A portion of rock left standing at the intersection of a mine wall and roof, to support the roof.
  2. Curved roof of underground opening. See also: dome
  3. A curved structural member used to span openings or recesses; also built flat. Structurally, an arch is a piece or assemblage of pieces so arranged over an opening that the supported load is resolved into pressures on the side supports and practically normal to their faces. ACSG, 1
  4. A part of a furnace; a crown. ASTM
  5. To heat a pot in a pot arch. ASTM
  6. One of the five chambers of a brick kiln; also, the fire chamber in certain kinds of furnaces and ovens. Webster 3rd
  7. The roof of a reverberatory furnace.

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