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  • (architecture)
  1. Internal compartments of a building; each divided from the other by subtle means such as the boundaries implied by divisions marked in the side walls (columns, pilasters, etc.) or the ceiling (beams, etc.). Also external divisions of a building by fenestration (windows).
  2. A section of a building distinguished by vertical elements such as columns or pillars. Often, a bay will protrude from the surface of the wall in which it is situated, thus creating a small, nook-like interior space, often of a rectangular or semi-hexagonal outline. See bay window.[1]
  1. An open space in a mine for storage of equipment, conducting repairs, or disposal of waste.
  2. A recess in the shore or an inlet of a sea or lake between two capes or headlands, not as large as a gulf, but larger than a cove. Hunt
  3. A portion of the sea that penetrates into the interior of the land. It is usually wider in the middle than at the entrance. It may be similar to a gulf, but smaller. Hunt
  4. A portion of the sea partly surrounded by ice. Hunt
  5. The discharge point of a hopper, usually applied to coal or ore hopper rail cars.

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  2. Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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