Biased tracer reconstruction with halo mass information

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Yu Liu, Yu Yu, Baojiu Li

Plenty of crucial information about our Universe is encoded in the cosmic large-scale structure (LSS). However, the extractions of these information are usually hindered by the nonlinearities of LSS, which can be largely alleviated by various techniques called as the reconstruction. In realistic applications, the efficiencies of these methods are always degraded by many limiting factors, the quite important one of which is the shot noise induced by the finite number density of biased matter tracers (i.e., luminous galaxies or dark matter halos) in observations. In this work, we investigate the gains of biased tracer reconstruction benefiting from halo mass information, which can suppress the shot noise component and tightens the correlation between halo field and dark matter. In conclusion, we confirm that halo masses indeed are critical information for significantly improving the performance of biased tracer reconstruction, demonstrating an enormous application potential for substantially promoting the precision of cosmological measurements [especially for baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO)] in the ambitious on-going and future galaxy surveys.

Sponsor: V1P-4K

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