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Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O psychology) is the scientific study of human behavior in organizations and the workplace. It is concerned with understanding and improving individual and group performance, satisfaction, and well-being in organizational settings.

I/O psychologists apply psychological principles to a wide range of topics in the workplace, including personnel selection and assessment, training and development, leadership and management, motivation and job satisfaction, and organizational culture and climate. They may also study issues related to work-life balance, diversity, and equity in the workplace, as well as organizational change and development.

I/O psychologists work in a variety of settings, including academia, private consulting firms, government agencies, and businesses. They may be involved in research, design and implementation of personnel programs and policies, or provide expert consultation and training to organizations. They often collaborate with other professionals, such as human resource managers and organizational development specialists, to improve the effectiveness of organizations and the well-being of employees.

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