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  1. (in French, also leçon ["lesson"]). A ballet class is a carefully graded sequence of exercises lasting, typically, an hour and a half. The work falls into three parts. The first part consists of stretching and warming-up exercises done with the support of the barre. You may spend anywhere from forty minutes to an hour at the barre. Then you move to the center of the studio to work without support. The second part of class, called adage, consists of slow work in which the emphasis is on sustaining positions and on balance. The final part of class, allegro, consists of fast work, mostly combinations (sequences of steps) with the big jumps and turns that make ballet such an impressive and dazzling sight. Source: Vance's Fantastic - BALLET DICTIONARY
  2. a ranked group within a stratified society characterized by achieved status and considerable social mobility, also a major division of a phylum, consisting of closely related orders. Source: Anthromorphemics

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