Creating Critical and Interesting Historical Learning in the 21st Century Through the Concept of Historical Thinking and the Usage of New Media

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Aji Wisesa, Moses Glorino Pandin

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Anthropology & Ethnography Keywords: critical thinking, historical thinking, historical learning, new media,

History learning is often regarded as something that is considered unimportant and boring to be taught in the modern era like now. The existence of history learning itself is still important enough to be studied in the 21st century with all its benefits and uses. One of the uses of history is as a reasoning education. The research questions are how do we take advantage of history learning as reasoning and critical thinking education in the 21st century and how the usage of new media can make historical learning looks more interesting. The method used in this article is literature review with data obtained and analyzed from several journals and research results related to history learning and reasoning education, especially forms of critical thinking in the 21st century. From the results of the research, it was found that there was a link between learning history and its relation as a form of critical thinking in the 21st century, in several ways, such as teaching history based on historical thinking, and the usage of new media in history learning.

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