Diffusion of cosmic rays in MHD turbulence with magnetic mirrors

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Alex Lazarian, Siyao Xu

As the fundamental physical process with many astrophysical implications, the diffusion of cosmic rays (CRs) is determined by their interaction with magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence. We consider the magnetic mirroring effect arising from MHD turbulence on the diffusion of CRs. Due to the intrinsic superdiffusion of turbulent magnetic fields, CRs with large pitch angles that undergo mirror reflection, i.e., bouncing CRs, are not trapped between magnetic mirrors, but move diffusively along the magnetic field, leading to a new type of parallel diffusion. This diffusion is in general slower than the diffusion of non-bouncing CRs with small pitch angles that undergo gyroresonant scattering. The critical pitch angle at the balance between magnetic mirroring and pitch-angle scattering is important for determining the diffusion coefficients of both bouncing and non-bouncing CRs and their scalings with the CR energy. We find non-universal energy scalings of diffusion coefficients, depending on the properties of MHD turbulence.


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