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  1. To caper; to dash against each other; a jump from two feet, beating the legs together and landing either on one or two feet; there are numerous entrechat: -quatres, -cinq, -six, -sept, -huit, -nuef, -dix.
  2. ["braided, interwoven"]. A jump in which the dancer's legs cross each other--from fifth in front to fifth in back--several times in the air. The number of crossings is indicated by a number after the word, and each crossing is counted twice (once for going out from fifth and once for returning to fifth). In even-numbered entrechats, the dancer lands on both feet, in fifth. In odd- numbered ones, the dancer lands with one foot sur le cou-de-pied. For example, in entrechat quatre the dancer starts in fifth position. If the right foot is in front, he jumps, changes his feet to left foot in front and back, and lands with the right foot in front again. (I suppose you could call a simple changement an entrechat deux, but I've never heard this.) Source: Vance's Fantastic - BALLET DICTIONARY

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