Gaia grid of spectro-photometric standard stars

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Nicoletta Sanna, Elena Pancino, Giuseppe Altavilla, Silvia Marinoni, Monica Rainer

We describe the preliminary results of a ground-based observing campaign aimed at building a grid of approximately 200 spectro-photometric standard stars (SPSS), with an internal ≃1\% accuracy (and sub-percent precision), tied to CALSPEC Vega and Sirius systems within ≃1\%, for the absolute flux calibration of data gathered by {\it Gaia}, the European Space Agency (ESA) astrometric mission. The criteria for the selection and a list of candidates are presented, together with a description of the survey's strategy and the adopted data analysis methods. All candidates were also monitored for constancy (within ±5 mmag, approximately). The present version of the grid contains about half of the final sample, it has already reached the target accuracy but the precision will substantially improve with future releases. It will be used to calibrate the {\it Gaia} (E)DR3 release of spectra and photometry.

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