Genetic Music: When Genes Code for Melodies Instead of Proteins

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Marga Consortium, Blanca A. Gutierrez, Iván Aitor Lucas del-Amo, Beatriz Alejos Bermudez, Cristina Gonzalez Moran, Veronica Noval Gutierrez, Borja Sanchez

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Anthropology & Ethnography Keywords: genetic music; genetic code; music composition; steam disciplines; notch1 gene

In the present work we present a methodology for teaching the basis of the genetic code through music composition, with the aim to combine science and arts learning. The project was carried out by 155 students, the so-called MARGA Consortium, with ages comprised between 10 and 17 years from different public schools located in the Principality of Asturias, Spain. The different groups generated 8 different music works using a short genetic sequence obtained from the human notch1 gene, receptor of mutations leading to chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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