Implementation of the Pancasila Lifestyle for the Life of the Millennial Generation 4.0 in the Era of Globalization

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Rizki Alivia Putri Widodo, Moses Glorino Rumambo Pandin

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Anthropology & Ethnography Keywords: Pancasila; Millennial Generation; Globalization

Technological developments, as a result of globalization, indirectly affect human lifestyles, one of which is the Indonesian people. In a situation of change towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Pancasila has a role as a guide for the Indonesian people to be what by the noble values ​​of the nation. However, the role of the millennial generation in maintaining these noble values ​​is important considering that they are the spearhead of the country's development. From this statement, this study aims to identify and formulate steps to maintain the noble values ​​of Pancasila among the millennial generation so that it does not eliminate national identity and understand the urgency of implementing the Pancasila lifestyle in the era of globalization. By using the literature review method, it can be seen that "grounding" and strengthening the essence of Pancasila values ​​can be a solution so that the existence of Pancasila continues to shine. The Pancasila lifestyle deserves to be implemented because it regulates all behaviors of speech, thought, behavior, action, and good manners so that it must be expressed in the life of the nation and state as well as our everyday life.

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