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  • Acoustics:
    • A wire carrying an electrical current creates a magnetic field around it. When that magnetic field penetrates into another wire, it causes an electric current in the second wire with the same waveform as the current in the first wire. This magnetic transfer is called inductance.
    • This is particularly bad in audio when AC power lines or amplifier speaker lines are run next to (parallel) other low-current carrying lines (microphone/line level). The same effect occurs if the lines are coiled and on top of each other. The best defense against this type of interference is to keep different current carrying cables away from each other; run them in different conduits. If they need to cross each other, do so at 90-degree angles. Measured in henrys. Source: Church Audio & Acoustics Glossary
  • Electronics: The property of a coil which opposes a current change. See Henry.

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