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  • the form of cell division occurring in specialized tissues in the testes and ovary that leads to the production of gametes (only have half of genetic material, in humans gametes have 23 chromosomes).
    Source: Anthromorphemics
  • the preparation and maturation of a cell, whereby the chromosome number is reduced by one half (reduction division)
    Source: Noland, George B. 1983. General Biology, 11th Edition. St. Louis, MO. C. V. Mosby
  • the type of cell division occurring in the germ cells by which gametes containing the haploid chromosome number are produced from diploid cells
    Source: Jenkins, John B. 1990. Human Genetics, 2nd Edition. New York: Harper & Row
  • The reduction division process by which haploid gametes and spores are formed, consisting of a single duplication of the genetic material followed by two mitotic divisions.

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