Misconceptions and Associated Errors in the Learning of Mathematics Place Value in South African Primary Schools: A Literature Review

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Kgalushi Maria Themane, Kakoma Luneta

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Anthropology & Ethnography Keywords: Misconceptions; errors; learning; place value; mathematics; literature review

Children’s learning of place value is critical to their future study of mathematics. However, its learning presents a huge challenge for many learners. As result they develop misconceptions and thencommit errors that become an encumbrance to their understanding of place value. It is therefore important to identify these misconceptions and their associated errors early and help children to overcome them. This article reports the findings from literature on what misconceptions learners display in the learning of place value and how they can best be supported to overcome them. The results show that despite the importance of this topic there are limited studies devoted to its research. The dearth of these studies creates a gap in the study of place value.


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