New Temperature and Metallicity Scale of Cool Giants from K-band Spectra

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Supriyo Ghosh, D. K. Ojha, J. P. Ninan

We present here quantitative diagnostic tools for cool giants that employ low-resolution near-infrared spectroscopy in the K-band for stellar population studies. In this study, a total of 260 cool giants (177 stars observed with X-shooter and 83 stars observed with NIFS) are used covering a wider metallicity range than in earlier works. We measure equivalent widths of some of the selected important K-band spectral features like Na I, Fe I, and 12CO after degrading the spectral resolution (R ∼ 1200) to investigate the spectral behavior with fundamental parameters (e.g. effective temperature and metallicity). We derive empirical relations to measure effective temperature using the 12CO first-overtone band at 2.29 μm and 2.32 μm and show a detailed quantitative metallicity dependence of these correlations. We find that the empirical relations based on solar-neighborhood stars can incorporate large uncertainty in evaluating Teff for metal-poor or metal-rich stars. Furthermore, we explore all the spectral lines to establish the empirical relation with metallicity and find that the quadratic fit of the combination of Na I and 12CO at 2.29 μm lines yields a reliable empirical relation at [Fe/H] ≤ −0.4 dex, while a linear fit of any line offers a good metallicity scale for stars having [Fe/H] ≥ 0.0 dex.

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