Psychotherapy as Heuristic Search

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There is no coherent framework for psychological therapy available. From psychoanalysis to behaviour therapy, humanistic and third wave approaches, there are significant differences in terms of aetiology, methods and expected outcomes. Heuristic search, an important method in artificial intelligence (AI), can serve as a general frame of reference for psychotherapy. This approach is based on a clear definition of the starting and end points of psychological therapy and how to achieve identified outcomes; it allows the utilisation of particularly effective psychological interventions and a ranking of different forms of psychotherapy with regard to efficacy, time and effort. A cornerstone of this framework is the notion of "deep heuristic", that is, particularly effective psychological interventions based on clinical experience. It is likely that the heuristic search framework can be applied to interventions in psychiatry as well as health disciplines in general.

Diederich, J. (2018, October 26). Psychotherapy as Heuristic Search.

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