The Acquisition and Use of Adverbs in French as l2

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Georges Daniel Véronique

Subject: Arts & Humanities, Anthropology & Ethnography Keywords: time adverbs; degree quantifiers; scope particles; manner adverbs

The acquisition of adverbs in French as L2 (FSL) by learners with different L1s, at various levels of proficiency, has been extensively studied within various SLA projects (ESF, Interfra etc.). In the generativist tradition, it has been noted that “high category adverbs” such as those related to Mood-evaluative, Mood-epistemic and Tense are present early in FSL data. In the functionalist school, the early presence of time adverbs and scope particles in learner varieties has been analysed in relation with the informational and syntactic structures observed in these varieties and in terms of their contribution to temporal reference and other semantic domains in discourse.

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