A Ground Model and Opechancanough's Peace

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This study explores the character of the Powhatan Chief Opechancanough. Characterized later by English colonists and even some of his own people as a hostile leader, this image of Opechancanough is far too simplistic. To discuss how Opechancanough and other Powhatan chiefs adjusted to and handled the circumstances of the arrival of Europeans on their shores, a more sophisticated model is needed. A ground model of the negotiations, interchanges, and even hostilities that occurred between the Powhatan paramount chiefdom and the English colonists presents the complex shift from native dominance, through a middle ground of conciliation, to one of colonial dominance.

Tsukada, H. (2020, October 29). A Ground Model and Opechancanough's Peace. https://doi.org/10.31235/osf.io/a7t3s

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