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  • 1 acre=43,560 sq. ft.=208.7 ft.2 =0.405 hectares; or 640 acres=1 sq. mile (called a section).
  • (geology)
  1. A measure of surficial area, usually of land. The statute acre of the United States and England contains 43,560 ft2 (4,840 yd2; 4,047 m2 ; or 160 square rods). The so-called Scotch acre contains about 6,150 yd2 (5,142 m2 ), and the Irish acre 7,840 yd2 (6,555 m2 ). There are various special or local acres in England (as in Cheshire or among the hop growers), varying from 440 yd2 (368 m2 ) to more than 10,000 yd2 (8,361 m2 ). Standard, 2
  2. Can. In Quebec, a linear measure that equals the square root of 43,560, or approx. 208.7 ft (63.6 m). Fay
  3. For the calculation of coal reserves, a convenient rule is to allow 1,200 st/ft (coal thickness) per acre (8,821 t/m/ha). For known and dependable areas, 1,500 st/ft per acre (11,027 t/m/ha) may be used. Nelson
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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