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  1. The formal geochronologic unit of lowest rank, below epoch, during which the rocks of the corresponding stage were formed. AGI
  2. A term used informally to designate a length of geologic time during which the rocks of any stratigraphic unit were formed. AGI
  3. A division of time of unspecified duration in the history of the Earth, characterized by a dominant or important type of life form; e.g., the age of mammals. AGI
  4. The time during which a particular geologic event or series of events occurred or was marked by special physical conditions; e.g., the Ice Age. AGI
  5. The position of anything in the geologic time scale; e.g., the rocks of Miocene age. It is often expressed in years. See also: geologic age AGI
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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