Allowable stress

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If a member is so designed that the maximum stress as calculated for the expected conditions of service is less than some certain value, the member will have a proper margin of security against damage or failure. This certain value is the allowable stress, of the kind, and for the material and condition of service in question. The allowable stress is less than the "damaging stress" because of uncertainty as to the conditions of service, nonuniformity of material, and inaccuracy of stress analysis. The margin between the allowable stress and the damaging stress may be reduced in proportion to the certainty with which the conditions of service are known, the intrinsic reliability of the material, the accuracy with which the stress produced by the loading can be calculated, and the degree to which failure is unattended by danger or loss. CF: factor of safety Syn: working stress
Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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