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  • (acoustics) One of three tiny bones in the middle ear that helps transmit sound waves from the outer ear to the cochlea. Source: Church Audio & Acoustics Glossary
  • (anthropology) A rock that was used as a level base for chipping other stone into tools, blades or projectile points. Typically part of a flint knapper's toolkit. Source: LITHICS-Net, Glossary of Lithics Terminology
  • (geology)
  1. The stationary serrated jaw piece or plate of a safety clamp, adjustable pipe wrench, or jaw-type rock crusher. Also sometimes incorrectly used as a syn. for drive hammer. Also called anvil block; anvil heel; anvil jaw; heel. Long
  2. An iron block placed between a stamp-mill mortar box and the foundation block; generally used in light mortars and concrete foundations. Fay
  3. In drop forging, the base of the hammer into which the sow block and lower die part are set. ASM, 1
  4. A block of steel upon which metal is forged. ASM, 1
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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