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  1. The highest point of a vein relative to the surface, whether it crops out or not. The concept is used in mining law. See also: apex law AGI
  2. The tip, summit, or highest point of a landform, as of a mountain; specif. the highest point on an alluvial fan, usually the point where the stream that formed the fan emerged from the mountain or from confining canyon walls. Syn: culmination
  3. The highest point of a stratum, as a coalbed. Standard, 2
  4. The top of an anticlinal fold of strata.
  5. In U.S. mining law, used to designate the highest limit of a vein. Ballard
  6. The top of an inclined haulage plane. See also: brow; landing. Nelson
  7. Point in the center of the face of a concave, noncoring bit. Long
  8. In a classifier or hydrocyclone, the underflow aperture through which the coarser and heavier fraction of the solids in a pulp is discharged in accordance with its minimum cross section. Pryor, 3
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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