Architect’s Role in Airborne Infection Control through Ventilation Design.

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A survey was performed among architects to estimate their understanding of the airborne infection spread in buildings and the role ventilation plays in it. The results show an increased awareness by the architects in this area. The respondents also acknowledge the role they play in the ventilation design of the building. This paper creates the context for this important role of an architect in creating appropriate ventilation for built spaces along with the MEP consultants for them to not only be able to create a thermally comfortable building, but to also be able to prevent the spread of airborne infection. The paper also briefly looks at the present techniques available to deal with this infection. Worldwide epidemics have cautioned mankind and the responsibility is shared by the architects and building professionals in creating buildings which prevent the spread of disease. This is because we see an increase in the urbanization coupled with the increased amount of time people are spending indoors. This concern has also been highlighted for healthcare facilities where the chances of nosocomial (nosocomial) infection spread is all the more.

Singh, R. (2020, April 4). Architect’s Role in Airborne Infection Control through Ventilation Design.

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