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  1. A drill for seismic shotholes or geophone holes modeled after the conventional carpenter's screw auger. Hence, any seismic shothole drilling device in which the cuttings are continuously removed mechanically from the bottom of the bore during the drilling operation without the use of fluids. A rotary drilling device used to drill shotholes or geophone holes in which the cuttings are removed by the device itself without the use of fluids. CF: hand auger; hand boring. AGI
  2. Any of various augerlike tools designed for boring holes in wood or for boring into soil and used esp. for such purposes as mining coal, prospecting, drilling for oil or water, and digging postholes. Also, a tool for drilling holes in coal for blasting. Webster 3rd
  3. Drilling using an auger. See also: coal auger; bucket auger; twist drill; horizontal auger. Long
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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