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  1. A glass containing opaque sparkling particles of foreign material, which is usually copper or chromic oxide. With copper particles, it is called gold aventurine, and with chromic oxide particles, it is called chrome aventurine or green aventurine. A glass containing gold-colored inclusions. Webster 3rd; AGI
  2. A translucent quartz that is spangled throughout with scales of mica or of some other mineral. Syn: aventurine quartz
  3. As an adj., having the brilliant spangled appearance of aventurine. Applied esp. to transparent or translucent quartz or feldspar containing shiny inclusions. Webster 3rd; AGI
  4. A variety of albite with reddish reflections from exsolved hematite in certain planes. See also: goldstone
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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