Axial-flow fan

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  1. A type of mine fan in which the mine air enters along the axis parallel to the shaft and continues in this direction to the point of exhaust. The axial-flow fan may have fixed blades (fixed-pitch fan) or adjustable blades (variable-pitch fan). Two, four, or six aerofoil section blades (like an aircraft wing) are usually employed. Also called a screw fan. CF: radial-flow fan; mixed-flow fan. See also: contra-rotating axial fan; mine-ventilation fan.
  2. The compressed-air auxiliary fan consists essentially of a single-stage axial-flow fan in which the rotor also forms the rotor of a compressed-air turbine. The exhaust from the turbine is added to the ventilating air. The result is a light and very compact machine, capable of the same duties as the smaller sizes of electric auxiliary fans. Roberts, 1
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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