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  1. A broad, continuous alluvial slope or gently inclined detrital surface extending from the base of mountain ranges out into and around an inland basin, formed by the lateral coalescence of a series of alluvial fans, and having an undulating character due to the convexities of the component fans; it occurs most commonly in semiarid and desert regions, as in the Southwestern United States. A bajada is a surface of deposition, as constrasted with a pediment (a surface of erosion that resembles a bajada in surface form), and its top often merges with a pediment. Etymol: Sp., descent, slope. CF: alluvial slope; alluvial fan. Syn: bahada; alluvial plain; piedmont plain. AGI
  2. See: ladderwayc. Sp. Compound alluvial fans. AGI

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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