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  1. A large pile of mineral material on the ground surface, as in heap leaching.
  2. Several like pieces of equipment set close together, as a bank of flotation cells, hydrocyclones, or generators.
  3. The surface around the mouth of a shaft. Zern
  4. The whole or sometimes only one side or one end of a working place underground.
  5. A hill or brow.
  6. A road along the coal face formed by the coal on one side and the waste or packs on the other; thus, a double-unit face has a right and left bank.
  7. A generally steeply sloping mass of any earthy or rock material rising above the digging level from which the soil or rock is to be extracted from its natural or blasted position in an open-pit mine or quarry. Syn: bench face
  8. Terracelike bench from which ore is obtained in an open-pit mine.

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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