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  1. Shale or mudstone occurring in coal measures. Obsolete. BS, 11
  2. To prevent normal operation of drill-string equipment in a borehole, such as by constriction or friction created by swelling or caving ground, settlement or balling of cuttings, an obstruction, or an offset or crooked hole, or as the result of insufficient clearance cut by use of undergage bits or reaming shells. Long
  3. To cause to cohere; to give consistency to by means of an agent, such as by drilling mud in a loose, sandy, or fragmented formation. Long
  4. A British coal miner's term for any fine-grained, well-laminated rock (such as shale, clay, or mudstone, but not sandstone) associated with coal. See also: blaes

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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