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  1. Without specific qualification, it means zincblende or the sulfide of zinc (sphalerite), which has the luster and often the color of common resin and yields a white streak and powder. The darker varieties are called blackjack by English miners. Other minerals having this luster are also called blendes, such as antimony blende, ruby blende, pitchblende, and hornblende. Sphalerite (blende) is often found in brown shining crystals, hence its name among German miners, from the word blenden, meaning to dazzle. Fay
  2. A miners' term for sphalerite.
  3. Various minerals, chiefly metal sulfides, with bright or resinous but nonmetallic luster, e.g., zinc blende (sphalerite), antimony blende (kermesite), bismuth blende (eulytite), cadmium blende (greenockite), pitchblende (uraninite), hornblende.

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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