Cap light

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  1. Dry-cell type. A self-contained light that permits free use of the hands and may be suitable for gaseous or explosive atmospheres. The headlamp, with focusing lens and bulb, is strapped to the head or hat, and the dry cell battery unit can be clipped to the belt. To prevent explosion, the bulb-socket ejects the bulb automatically in case of breakage. Best, 1
  2. Wet-cell type. With rechargeable, wet-cell cap lights, the battery is worn on the belt, and the light unit, which is attached to the cap or head, contains bulbs filled with krypton gas. The head light contains either two separate bulbs or a single bulb with two filaments in parallel, thus assuring the wearer of a constant source of light in the event that one bulb or one filament burns out. Best, 1

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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