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  1. The action by which a fluid, such as water, is drawn up (or depressed) in small interstices or tubes as a result of surface tension. Syn: capillary action
  2. The state of being capillary. AGI
  3. A phenomenon observable when making borehole inclination surveys by the acid-etch method, wherein the upper surface of the acid curves upward, forming a concave surface. When the acid bottle is in a vertical or horizontal position, the concave surface is symmetrical, and the resultant etch plane is horizontal. When the bottle is tilted, the concave surface is asymmetric; the resultant etch plane is not horizontal, and the angle so indicated is always greater than the true inclination of the borehole. A capillarity correction is applied. See also: etch angle; capillarity correction. Long
  4. The action by which the surface of a liquid, where it is in contact with a solid, is elevated or depressed depending upon the relative attraction of the molecules of the liquid for each other and for those of the solid. Esp. observable in capillary tubes, where it determines the elevation or depression of the liquid above or below the level of the liquid in which the tube is dipped. Webster 3rd

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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