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  1. Special steel tubing welded or screwed together and lowered into a borehole to prevent entry of loose rock, gas, or liquid into the borehole, to prevent loss of circulation liquid into porous, cavernous, or crevassed ground, and to support the sides of a borehole. See also: tubing; flush-joint casing. Long
  2. The large-diameter pipe cemented in the hole, such as surface casing, protective casing, and production casing. Wheeler, R.R.
  3. Process of inserting casing in a borehole. Long
  4. A structure of wood, metal, or other material that completely encloses the elevating or conveying machinery elements to support them; to afford safety protection; to protect from the weather; to confine dust, gases, or fumes arising from the material being conveyed; or to form a part of the conveyor in the same manner as a trough.
  5. A zone of material altered by vein action and lying between the unaltered country rock and the vein.
  6. A term applied to thin slabs of sandstone that split out between closely spaced joints.
  7. The steel lining of a circular shaft. See also: conduit

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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