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  1. Any gemstone that, when cut en cabochon, exhibits under a single strong point source of light a narrow, well-defined chatoyant band or streak that moves across the summit of the gemstone, shifts from side to side as it is turned, and resembles a slit pupil of the eye of a cat. Internal reflection of light from parallel inclusions of tiny fibrous crystals or from long parallel cavities or tubes causes the cat's-eye. AGI
  2. Alternate term for tiger's-eye, the silicified form of crocidolite asbestos; sometimes polished and used as ornaments.
  3. A greenish gem variety of chrysoberyl that exhibits chatoyancy. Syn: cymophane; oriental cat's-eye.
  4. A variety of minutely fibrous, grayish-green quartz (chalcedony) that exhibits an opalescent play of light. Syn: occidental cat's-eye
  5. A yellowish-brown silicified variety of crocidolite. CF: tiger's-eye The term used alone properly applies only to (c).

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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