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American politics refers to the political system and processes of the United States of America. This subfield of political science focuses on the study of the American political system, including its institutions, actors, and policies, as well as the behavior and attitudes of American citizens.

Some of the key areas of study in American politics include the presidency, Congress, the courts, political parties, interest groups, and public opinion. Researchers in this field may also study issues such as voting behavior, campaign finance, race and ethnicity, gender and politics, and public policy.

American politics also includes the study of federalism, which refers to the division of power between the national government and the state governments. Additionally, American politics is shaped by the country's unique history and political culture, including its founding principles and the evolution of the political system over time.

Overall, American politics is an important area of study because of the influence that the United States has on the world stage, as well as the complex and dynamic nature of the American political system.

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