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Animal studies is a broad field that encompasses several disciplines, including animal science, comparative psychology, and animal behavior. The goal of animal studies is to understand the biology, behavior, and evolution of non-human animals, including both domesticated and wild species.

Animal science is a subfield of animal studies that focuses on the scientific aspects of animal production and management, including animal nutrition, genetics, physiology, and reproduction.

Comparative psychology is a branch of psychology that uses animal subjects to study the behavior and cognitive processes of non-human animals, with the goal of better understanding the evolution of behavior and the underlying processes that give rise to it.

Animal behavior is the study of how animals behave and interact with their environment, including other animals and humans. This field encompasses a wide range of topics, including communication, social behavior, aggression, and courtship.

Animal studies is interdisciplinary and draws on methods and theories from biology, ecology, physiology, and psychology, among other fields. The goal of animal studies is to provide a better understanding of animal behavior and biology, and to use this knowledge to improve animal welfare and promote the conservation of wildlife and their habitats.

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