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"Other Political Science" encompasses a wide range of subfields and topics that do not fit into the specific categories of American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Models and Methods, and Political Theory. Some examples of areas of research that might fall under this category include:

  1. Public Administration: The study of the management and organization of government agencies, including the design and implementation of public policies.
  2. Public Policy: The study of how governments make decisions and allocate resources, including the analysis of the policy-making process, the impact of public policies, and the role of interest groups and the media.
  3. Political Behavior: The study of individual and collective political attitudes, behaviors, and decisions, including voting behavior, political attitudes, and the role of political parties.
  4. Political Economy: The study of the relationship between economics and politics, including the analysis of the effects of economic policies on political behavior and the impact of political institutions on the economy.
  5. Environmental Politics: The study of political issues related to the environment, including climate change, conservation, and environmental policy.
  6. Urban Politics: The study of political issues in urban areas, including the management of urban growth, the role of local government, and urban policy.
  7. Gender and Politics: The study of the role of gender in the political arena, including the impact of gender on political attitudes and behaviors, and the representation of women in politics.
  8. Race and Ethnicity in Politics: The study of the role of race and ethnicity in politics, including the impact of race and ethnicity on political attitudes and behaviors, and the representation of minority groups in politics.
  9. Political Psychology: The study of the psychological and emotional aspects of political behavior, including the impact of personality and emotions on political attitudes and behaviors.

These are just a few examples of the many areas of research that can fall under the umbrella of "Other Political Science." The field is diverse and interdisciplinary, drawing on insights and methods from history, economics, sociology, psychology, and other disciplines to better understand political phenomena.

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