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Political science is a social science that studies the theory and practice of politics and government. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including comparative politics, international relations, political behavior, political institutions, public administration, public policy, and political theory.

In comparative politics, political scientists study the political systems of different countries and how they are similar or different from each other. In international relations, political scientists study the relationships and interactions between states, international organizations, and non-state actors.

Political behavior explores how individuals participate in the political process, such as through voting or activism, and how they form their political beliefs and attitudes. Political institutions studies the structure and functions of government, including the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, as well as the role of political parties and interest groups.

Public administration is concerned with the management and organization of public resources and services, while public policy analyzes the formation, implementation, and evaluation of government policies. Political theory is concerned with the study of different ideas and philosophies about government and politics, including liberal democracy, conservatism, socialism, and more.

Overall, political science seeks to understand and explain the complexities of politics and government, both domestically and internationally.


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