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Political Theory is a subfield of Political Science that explores the philosophical foundations of politics and the state. It deals with fundamental questions about the nature of power, justice, liberty, and democracy. Political theorists examine the works of classic and contemporary philosophers, as well as historical and contemporary political events and movements, to develop and refine their own political theories.

Political theorists use a variety of approaches to study these fundamental questions, including philosophical argument, historical analysis, and empirical observation. Some of the major schools of thought in Political Theory include classical liberalism, conservatism, socialism, feminism, and critical theory. Political theorists also study the intersections of politics with other fields, such as ethics, economics, law, and international relations.

The study of Political Theory is important because it provides a framework for understanding and critiquing political systems and institutions. Political theorists often explore the relationship between the state and the individual, the role of the state in society, and the distribution of power and resources. By doing so, they help to shape our understanding of the political world and to inform public debate about important political issues.

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