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  • among chimpanzees, a large group of chimpanzees that, through fission and fusion, is composed of a series of constantly changing smaller units, including the all-male party, family unit, nursery unit, consortship, and gathering.
    Source: Anthromorphemics
  • Ferdinand Tonnies Gemeinschaft; communal society or organization - the most ambiguous word used by sociologists. In Marxian terms we may see community as a positive social phenomenon; as that social structural arrangement that promotes and enhances the natural and theoretical dialectical unity of individual and society. It is the "nonalienating" human society; it is human-humane community and human-humane identity at the same time.
  • In ecology, an assemblage of populations of different species within a specified location in space and time. Sometimes, a particular subgrouping may be specified, such as the fish community in a lake or the soil arthropod community in a forest.
    Source: Terms of the Environment

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