Community(s) of mobilization

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Ron E. Roberts' conceptualization of a certain kind of communal society or communal organization. "Communities of mobilization" are those communal organizations serving a "revolutionizing" function in the larger society of which they are a part. Whereas "communities of therapy" protect the individual from social change, "communities of mobilization" are advocates for social change. Says Roberts, "We have also mentioned communities of mobilization that are political and often revolutionary in makeup. Three examples of these organizations come to mind - the Kibbutzim of Israel, the Ujamaa villages of Tanzania, East Africa, and the communal farms of The Peoples Republic of China. All of these communities stress cooperation like most of the communes in America, and in some sense all are experimental. All of these communities are committed to economic and political development - not individual psychological strength. Obviously, the political climate in the three countries just mentioned is extremely different, but all three stress the nation-building aspects of their communal growth. Moreover, all three are ideological, that is, committed to a political (or in the case of some Kibbutzim, religious) ethic." - Ron E. Roberts, Sociology With a Human Face (Dubuque IA: Eddie Bowers Publishing, 1983)

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