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  • (anthropology) A method for separating proteins in an electric field.
    Source: Anthromorphemics
  • (biology) the differential movement of molecules through a gel under the influence of an electric field
    Source: Jenkins, John B. 1990. Human Genetics, 2nd Edition. New York: Harper & Row
  • (biotechnology) The technique of separating charged molecules in a matrix to which is applied an electrical field.
  • (chemistry) A technique for separation of ions by rate and direction of migration in an electric field.
  • (genetics) Electrophoresis is a laboratory technique used to separate DNA, RNA, or protein molecules based on their size and electrical charge. An electric current is used to move molecules to be separated through a gel. Pores in the gel work like a sieve, allowing smaller molecules to move faster than larger molecules. The conditions used during electrophoresis can be adjusted to separate molecules in a desired size range.

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