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  • C2H5OH; the alcoholproduct of carbohydrate fermentation used in alcoholic beverages and for industrial purposes (also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol). It is blended with gasoline to make gasohol. In the 1998/99 corn marketing year, about 540 million bushels (5.5%% of the corn crop and 7.2% of domestic use) will be used to produce about 1.5 billion gallons of ethanol.
  • Also known as ethyl alcohol or alcohol, (C2H5OH) is an oxygenated hydrocarbon that can be burned as a fuel, or blended into gasoline. Thought of as an alternative fuel and clean fuel, ethanol is a renewable energy source that is made from corn or other grains. If blended into gasoline, ethanol helps with the combustion process and therefore less unburned hydrocarbons form. Ethanol blended fuels competed with methyltertbutylether (MTBE), but because of the cost and the fact MTBE can be shipped through existing pipelines, MTBE was chosen. MTBE is now being banned because of its ability to travel in ground water and the bad taste it imparts to drinking water, because of this ethanol is once again being put back into the gas. Source: Atmospheric Chemistry Glossary
  • An alternative automotive fuel derived from grain and corn; usually blended with gasoline to form gasohol.
    Source: Terms of the Environment

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